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Internet and WWW History Links

Please visit the occasionally evolving Internet History and WWW History: Internet Resources, a resource dedicated to providing links on Internet history, WWW history, Internet statistics and Internet usage  Come on, let's face it, that page has not been updated for years, if anything it is an irrelevant parenthesis of questionable historical interest!

An article on Internet History

The main inspiration to present these pages came after I wrote a article on Internet history which was printed in American Studies in Scandinavia, Vol. 28, 2, 1996, pp.101-112 (published by Odense University Press). It was later acquired by Faulkner Information Services (included in their publication "The Internet as a Business Resource", Faulkner Information Services, Pennsauken, NJ, 1997).  Again we are talking about ancient history. There have been written so many tomes by the actual participants that this article can be of no importance whatsoever!

Anyway, if anybody should feel tempted:  You can read the essay here: "The Internet: Past, Present, and Future" (File size: 29 kb) or focus on its sources and bibliography.

Who? Me?

I have worked with the Internet since 1994,  yes, but now I am in the aviation industry so that counts for nought but anyway,  feel free to learn about me by boldly clicking: The CV of Jesper Vissing Laursen or by emailing me at jespervl@yahoo.com

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